A day in the life of ….

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Dropping Pounds – Leaner & Meaner!

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My amazing weight loss story: 8 stone in 8 months

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Beat the Festive Binge

Christmas can be a challenging time to keep focused on your health and fitness goals, whether it is winter training for a ½ marathon or to maintain your weight loss. The purpose of this blog is to help you devise … Continue reading

How to cope with the dark winter days. Top tips and an observation of using a simulated sun-rise alarm clock.

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6 ways to lose weight

Put down those glossy magazines, put that fad diet book away. Here are eight top tips from our personal trainers who’ve been on the front line for more than 50 combined years. Yes… that’s a lot of fat beating, in … Continue reading

London Marathon Experience

Arriving at Greenwich Park on the morning of the London marathon is always a very special moment. The initial butterflies in the stomach you felt when you picked up your number now become a positive swarm in the pit of … Continue reading

12 things you didn’t know about playing rugby for England…

We are half way in to the Six Nations Championships and most of us have established our own rituals to mark the occasion. But a few friends and acquaintances have asked me what goes on behind the scenes in the … Continue reading

Off skiing this season? Are you ready?

Another winter, another ski season! Skiing is hugely popular among us Brits and every winter we head to the slopes of Europe in our thousands for a week or more of (almost) guaranteed snow! Interestingly though, it is one of … Continue reading