Jules Taylor

Jules Taylor

Jules Taylor . Personal Trainer and Endurance Running Coach.

Having competed for over 35 years , at National and International level , I have a vast library of experience to draw on.

White water kayaking ….. UK
Climbing ….. UK and Europe
Badminton ….. UK
Diving ….. UK
Gymnastics ….. UK – National Hi-vault Display Team
Downhill Mountainbiking ….. UK
Cross country mountain biking ….. UK and Europe
Triathlon ….. sprint to Triple-Ironman ……UK and Europe. GB team member.
Quadrathlon ….. UK and Europe. GB team member
Flat water kayaking …..UK. Twice National Ultra champion.
Duathlon ….. UK
Swimming ….. UK
Road running…5km to marathons ….. UK and Dubai
Trail running…10km to 100 + miles …..UK
24hr running …..UK

I see exercise as an essential element that should play a vital role in anyones lifestyle , no matter what age.

And as we age , it becomes even more important to stay as active and healthy as we are able.

I love to work with anyone at any level , I love my job and the rewards it brings when I see clients improving their fitness and health , and enjoying a better quality of life as a result.

I qualified as a Personal Trainer 8 years ago , and working at Oakfields Personal Training with superb facilities and a great team of trainers , its a fantastic environment to make that start to a healthier lifestyle.

It genuinely is never too late !

Having trained with Jules for 5 years, he is not only professional, motivational and patient, he has also become a good friend. He takes time to understand your needs and tailors workouts accordingly. Always challenging, they are also fun and varied and more importantly, he will inspire you to achieve your results.