Steve Threadgold

Steve’s personal training experience stretches back 17 years. The sheer number of people he has trained during that time makes his experience invaluable. Recognising the clients’ needs and abities quickly and correctly ensures you can maximise the potential of every session. That ability is something that can only be developed over time.

Steve’s aim with every client is to look forwards not backwards. The past is something we cannot change, we live in the present so we need to be realistic and honest with ourselves and set goals that reflect that. Unrealistic expectations lead to failure and negativity.

Steve believes happiness and fitness really do go hand in hand. Understanding how to balance training, work, rest, nutrition and life is all about organisation. It’s something I believe I have become an expert in.

Steve’s passion aside from work is his family and marathon running. He has competed in marathons since the mid 90’s. It has taught me a huge amount about my body, as well as the balance of life and training the key lesson has been to learn to listen to your bodys changing needs and adapt accordingly.


  • Weight
  • Marathon
    half marathon
  • Sports specific training;