My amazing weight loss story: 8 stone in 8 months

January 12, 2017

A little about David’s journey. We’re really grateful to David for sharing his inspiring story. David achieved fantastic results by setting short term realistic targets with a longer term goal in mind. He did some form of cardio, resistance work every day, like cycling to Uni, walking home. No fad diets required but a healthy enjoyable pre-planned nutritional programme. Preparation being the key to maintaining a healthy kcal intake.


(David Rees Co-Owner & Trainer at Oakfields Personal Training, Clifton, Bristol.)

Here’s how David did it…

After going through a very challenging period as a teenager, I was on a road to a negative place until I pulled myself out of a destructive rut and turned things around. After achieving everything I wanted to academically in securing place at University, I found that a very unhealthy diet and lifestyle had become commonplace.

With my weight at 23 stone 6lbs and low confidence resulting in my world shrinking, I found myself in need of a physical change.


After looking at a variety of gyms and personal trainers in the Bristol area, David Rees of Oakfields Personal training became an obvious choice. Dave’s diet and exercise advice helped me see major changes within a couple of months, starting on 16th of July, helping me conquer the challenge of a new life at university and changing the way people view me.

Following Dave’s exercise and diet advice, I achieved my goal of losing eight stone, seven pounds in 8 months. On Tuesday 26th March, I weighed in at 14 stone 13 lbs, capping off my weight loss journey in just over eight months. The most major changes of my journey have been; as my physical contour changed, I no longer needed to hide the excess fat on my chest and stomach, which affected my confidence and a constant burden to everyday life.

Another major change and result is saving approximately £1500 on take-away food in only eight months! As crazy as it may seem, it’s true. I am using the money to travel to New York for my 21st birthday in June. Finally, I can now buy clothes on the high street having dropped from an XXL t-shirt to a medium and a 44” waist to a 34”.

When talking to any member of the medical and fitness community it’s scary to know the damage I was doing to my body such as type two diabetes which was looking likely by my mid 20’s. I plan to continue and maintain the changes I’ve made but continuously build on them. One goal at a time.

When Dave asked me to write this article he asked if I could attribute my focus to one quote, what would it be? After consideration I chose this quote, which for me is more of a drive and mindset from protagonist Daniel Lugo in 2013 Hollywood picture Pain & Gain,

‘Set high goals for yourself and nail every one’

by David Buckland