Protein – Food vs Supplementation

If you haven’t noticed protein is added to everything on the shelves at the moment. It’s becoming a big buzz word in the food industry and is seen to be a healthy go to choice to munch on something high … Continue reading

Trail running – The use of poles: Are they a help or a hindrance?

Ultra-running has kind of become my thing over the last year, more through organic growth rather than an intention, and with the hills getting bigger and distances getting longer I wondered what all these people around me were doing with … Continue reading

Common Running Injuries and Prevention Strategies

With the running calendar for the year getting closer and closer as spring is around the corner this is a brief blog regarding the most common running injuries and how to combat them. Up to 79% of runners will get … Continue reading

A New Year, A New You? No, A Better You & Not a Broken You

Even when I say it the saying makes me cringe, New Year, New You. As you many have read in my previous blog I don’t really buy into the possibly misinformed and biased goals of new year’s resolutions. I am … Continue reading

Preparing for a Trail Race

It’s almost an oxymoron to use the words trail and race, since trail running requires a different examination of your running skills set, compared to road running say. So the fastest runner in the field will not necessarily be the … Continue reading

My Self Propelled 3 Peaks Challenge – Mind over body or just stupidity & stubbornness

So the aim was to scale the national 3 peaks (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon) and cycle in between each one within 4 days just to increase the physical challenge in an effort to raise money for Prostate Cancer … Continue reading

A day in the life of ….

So a lot of people ask what I do day to day between clients and as part of my job. So here is an insight into what I get up to in between putting my PT clients through their paces … Continue reading

Dropping Pounds – Leaner & Meaner!

A simple eating plan to lose body fat in just 6 weeks – for weight loss, race prep or plain vanity! Ups & Downs The clocks have sprung forward at last and for me that always represents a boost in … Continue reading

My amazing weight loss story: 8 stone in 8 months

A little about David’s journey. We’re really grateful to David for sharing his inspiring story. David achieved fantastic results by setting short term realistic targets with a longer term goal in mind. He did some form of cardio, resistance work … Continue reading

Beat the Festive Binge

Christmas can be a challenging time to keep focused on your health and fitness goals, whether it is winter training for a ½ marathon or to maintain your weight loss. The purpose of this blog is to help you devise … Continue reading