Our Ethos


At Oakfields Personal Training we have a simple ethos that we believe plays a vital part in the success of our clients. Firstly, life is to be lived and enjoyed! Our health will always remain vitally important but there must be a balance. We want to help you be as fit as you can be without keeping you from all of life’s little indulgences. Finding enjoyment in exercise is also vital in order to achieve results, maintain consistency and lead a healthy lifestyle.

To ensure your success we make the training varied and tailored to you, and most importantly, effective and results driven.

A big part of finding enjoyment in exercise comes from discovering your fitness capabilities and pushing the boundaries. We aim to show you how and help you reach new lengths that perhaps you didn’t think were possible! We can all do more than we think we can, and there is nothing more rewarding that reaching new physical levels through a little hard work and commitment.

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