Sports Injuries/Back Pain

Many people will argue that we were never meant to walk around on two legs, never mind spend hours hunched over computers or smart phones! But we do, all of which results in tight muscles and often poor posture, leading to back pain or other muscular-skeletal injuries.

Fortunately, with the right advice and correction of postural weaknesses we can often reduce or even rid you of the pain. Whereas once we were told to lay still if we had pain, nowadays it is quite the opposite, keep moving as much as you’re able and stay active.

We have worked with all kinds of sporting injuries, from achilles tendon ruptures to everyday lower back pain. Many of our clients that start out with other goals often end up receiving additional training for old injuries that were never addressed in the past. Back pain can be caused by poor posture as a result of being overweight, so weight loss can help to put an end to on-going aches and pains.

Oakfields PT have forged close links with Bristol Physio and we work with them to help clients with injuries get back to their best as soon as possible. This relationship creates a very effective bridge between treatment and training and ensures the client gets the best possible service.

If you have an injury or are due surgery and want to talk about a post-surgery plan, contact us on or you can use our ‘contact’ form.


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