Pre/Post Natal Fitness

Oakfields Personal Training is owned by three fathers, so as well as knowing how hard it can be to fit in ANY exercise, we also know what you’re going through on a day to day basis.

Having a baby is a big deal for you and your body and as you’ll know, a lot of changes occur during the process – and continue well after the birth.

The ideal approach to post natal fitness is to aim to be as fit as possible prior to the birth – hence why pre natal fitness is so important. But, the way you exercise during pregnancy is very important and must be controlled and reviewed regularly.
With our help, in most cases you’ll be able to keep exercising to within weeks of your due date. This will mean you’re likely to cope much better with the labour and can dramatically improve your recovery, helping you enjoy those early years.

Post natal training needs to be measured and increased progressively to avoid injury or simply overdoing it. Aside from the physical element, exercise can have a tremendous positive effect on you psychologically, during what can be a tough (and amazing!) period of your life.

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