Ski Fitness

Hitting the slopes?

Every winter thousands of us head off for a holiday on the slopes. A week away from our daily grind, outside in the elements, physically active for between 4-8 hours a day, with possibly not the most suitable “après-ski” recovery each night.

As with any outdoor pursuit or sport, pre-season training is the best way to ensure you are ready and get the most out of your ski or boarding holiday – especially if it’s something you only do once a year. Whilst you may not be competing in a specific event or racing others, improved strength and conditioning can be the difference between a great trip and a painful one.

Be ready!

If you are a novice to intermediate skier, going for a week of skiing with no preparation is a bit like trying to run a half marathon without doing a single training run. You might just about get through it, but in the process you will experience fatigue, soreness and potentially suffer injury.

If you’re a seasoned skier you will cope better with the daily stress of skiing, but can still benefit from more ski specific strength and agility training to hone your skills.

Don’t leave it too late – give us 6 weeks!

We help people get ski ready every year with our 6 week fitness package, where we not only focus on training to prepare your body for the appropriate level of skiing, we also take into account any unrelated fitness goals you may have. Sessions will include a mix of cardiovascular training and functional strength training, all progressively building towards your holiday. We will mimic the movement patterns associated with skiing, developing core strength, leg strength, muscular endurance and balance.

We also have recently acquired the Concept 2 Ski Erg – a machine designed purely to develop ski fitness and strength as well as improve ski technique. For more info from Concept 2 on the Ski Erg follow this link:

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